Night Nannies

What are night nannies?

Night Nannies, specialised in night nurse work, are most commonly hired to take care of newborn babies.

Why might your family need a night nanny?

The following are some of the reasons why you might need a night nanny:

Good night’s sleep for parents and their newborn

• With a newborn baby, parents struggle getting sleep at night. A night nanny with good experience can help the family build a sustainable routine that leads to better sleep for everyone.

Resolves sleep problems for older children in the family

• Older babies (e.g. toddlers) can develop difficulties in their evening sleep which might lead to waking up at night. A temporary night nanny will establish ‘sleep hygiene’ to help older babies fix a routine and have better sleep.

Working parents

• Parents who work early morning or late night shifts can benefit from a qualified night nanny to take on duties during those hours. It will give them a peace of mind and focus on work without worrying about their children.

What do night nannies provide?

• Night nannies offer customized services to families. Hence, services will vary from family to family. However, here are the most common services they provide:

1. They use their specialised training to create and implement sleep interventions for newborns, babies, toddlers and their families.

2. They provide guidance, advice, tips and tools.

3. They stay overnight for the agreed-upon number until issues are resolved.

4. They can work as permanent employees, if willing, in households to ensure children have sound sleep patterns.

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