Anyone in the UK can hire a doula. We have ladies all round the country who work as full-time and part-time ‘mother supporters’. We can often find someone to help you at the last minute but generally our doulas are booked up at least two or three months in advance, particularly in and around London. To get the best choice of doulas we suggest that you contact us as early as possible.

Doulas can work full-time or part-time, depending on your needs. Some mothers find that they only want one for the birth itself, while others have one for months after the birth. You can have a birth doula or a post-birth doula or you can have both. Some doulas do both births and post-birth work so you could have the same person for the whole time.

Birth doulas cost between £400-2,000 for a birth, depending on the area and the doula’s level of expertise.
​Post-Birth Doulas cost between £15-40 per hour depending on where they are and their level of experience.

You can contact us by email to at or by phone on 07504239930. We will be happy to talk through the various options with you and help you decide whether you need a birth doula, post-birth doula, maternity nurse, night nurse or nanny, or a mixture of those! We will let you know which doulas in your area are free to help you at the time you need and we will give you their details and arrange interviews for you.

We are available to answer any questions you might have before, during and after the time that you employ one of our doulas. We act as mediators and trouble-shooters if there are any issues or problems and we are always happy to give advice on subjects like pay, travel expenses, insurance, duties and so on.

The role of the doula is a relatively new one in this country and so far the job is totally unregulated. This means that anyone can work as a doula, which is potentially dangerous as they are working with very vulnerable mothers and babies. This is why it is essential to use a doula who is vetted and checked. All British Doulas’ ladies have been through the course run by the company – we will not even consider anyone who has been on a lesser course – they have all been interviewed by us and have had at least two references checked by us. They have also been through a police check and have signed our all-important Code of Ethics which binds them to behave professionally and safely, in accord with rules laid down by us.

We constantly monitor our doulas and will remove from our list any who receive complaints or who behave in a manner that we consider to be dangerous or unethical. British Doulas has an independent board of consultants made up of health professionals, which makes the final decision on whether a doula is fit to work through the agency.
We recommend that you hire a doula who has been trained and checked by our organisation rather than risk someone who does not answer to anyone else. When you are giving birth and caring for a newborn baby, you and your child are at your most vulnerable. It is essential that you are safe and secure at all times.

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