Governess in UAE

Governesses in the United Arab Emirates

There’s a large demand for British governesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and bilingual governesses are very much a premium. As a high profile nanny agency we take very seriously our responsibility to find the right governess and get her swiftly and confidently into her role. Our overseas governesses benefit from the support of a well-established agency and our client families have the confidence and certainty that their governess is just right for their family.

Working as a governess in the UAE


  1. Teaching and educating children in private households in the UAE is usually a 5 or 6 day a week job, often with a strong focus on tutoring in English, very often alongside a tutor or tutors working with the same child or with other children in the household.
  2. Focusing on social development is a major feature of the work of a governess and this is a particularly high priority for expatriate families in the UAE and Saudi Arabia where compound life and social isolation may be a large factor of life. As a result, social priorities may be very high on the agenda.
  3. A bilingual governess will also often be teaching children a second language – in order of preference these are French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
  4. Governesses may also teach a musical instrument.

Even a highly experienced governess can find there are challenging issues in working in other locations. In the UAE the key challenges expressed by professional governesses are:


  • Establishing a good relationship with other domestic servants where English is not their first language
  • Strong religious, cultural and social values in the Middle East require respect from an overseas governess, whether within the family they are working for or in the wider community
  • Climate and travel in the UAE impose restrictions on how a governess working abroad can organise trips, shopping, and her own social life.

Benefits of working as a governess in the Middle East


  • Overseas governesses often tell us that there is a lot of pleasure in working in a household which is often fully staffed domestically
  • Salaries are often generous
  • There is usually a strong community of other ex-pat governesses, nannies and tutors with whom a rich and rewarding social life can often be established
  • The UAE in particular offers superb social, shopping and sporting opportunities such as camel racing, water-sports and stadium events of global calibre.


Process to obtaining a work permit for a governess in the UAE

There are a certain number of hoops to jump through when working as a overseas governess in the UAE including obtaining a work permit and a medical examination. Our London nanny agency and our Surrey nanny agency are both experienced in helping families and governesses get through those hoops with ease and comfort.

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