Guide to employing a governess

Here is a short guide on how we hire a governess to for our clients

What does a governess do?

A governess, like a tutor, teaches children rather than focus on their physical needs. They work with school-age children, not babies, whom the nanny/ maternity nurse are responsible for.

• Teaches academic subjects and improves a child’s social development skills.

• Usually live-in and work five to six days per week. The hours are defined by family’s needs. However, they are not available 24 hours a day.

• Supervise children aged 3 to 16, often, in conjunction with a nanny.

• Indispensable in cases where educational facilities are inadequate

• Have a teaching background, higher childcare training and years of professional childcare/ teaching experience.

• Childcare specialists can provide a governess with special training (art, sport etc) on request.

• Teach musical instruments or second languages.

Who needs a governess?

Royal families have governesses. For example, high net worth families in Russia, the Arab States and European capitals. It will be common in families involved in diplomatic service, military and top-class managers.

We employ governesses in London and select them based on family needs and flexibility in fitting into different cultures.

What makes a good governess?

An average London governess is in high demand. This is because they are:

• Professional disciplined and makes learning fun!

• Easily work with others (e.g. nanny).

• An excellent teacher, whether it’s maths, tennis or coping with life.

• Outstanding interpersonal skills, they will be confident, polite and can handle social situations easily.

Our governesses are gold standard. Contact us today to reach your child’s full potential under our Top Notch governesses!

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