Guide to hiring your first nanny

Is this your first nanny? Here are some tips by Top Notch Nannies.

Exchange personal information

Before your nanny or governess starts work, exchange all the useful information you both will need about each other.

For example:

• National insurance number

• Home address

• Phone numbers (of caretaker and your close relative, friends & medical professionals)

• Email address

• Driving licence details

• Allergies & medications required

Do not share everything though

Try your best to keep the relationship professional. You may form a bond over time and you must let that happen naturally.

Keep the practical items ready

Arrange the following beforehand:

• House keys

• Instructions on how to operate basic housing equipment (central heating, washing machine, dishwasher, TV and computer).

• How to set and deactivate alarm systems

Remember: Be smart. You don’t want personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Note down routines

Write down important routine information. This can include your child’s bath- and bed-time, when to feed them and change their nappy.

Be patient

Nannies will take some time to learn to start your car and to familiarize themselves with the areas. Programme your satnav to all the places you usually visit. Also, double-check your insurance!

Feelings aren’t facts

Don’t make rash decisions about unhappy children within the first months. Children are volatile, so there’s no need to express any negative emotions when you see them upset. It will take some time to develop a happy relationship between your child and the nanny.

Tell everyone about the nanny!

Tell all concerned people about the new nanny. This might include:

• School/nursery?

• Medical professionals (GP, dentists etc)

• Building supervisors/ doormen

• Friends & family

You can even throw a little welcome party to introduce everyone to the nanny. It will also make the nanny feel comfortable!

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