Overseas Nanny

Overseas Nanny – finding the best childcare for your child

We take the placement of an overseas live-in nanny very seriously. Whilst the role of a nanny is vital to children’s wellbeing, placing the right overseas nanny to the right family is even more crucial.

Families rely on nannies to take charge of their children and homes. Hence, we only recruit and place well-experienced and skilled nannies overseas where they can easily adapt to different locations and cultures.

Hiring a nanny overseas is difficult because:

• Choices are limited,

• Checking references and skills is challenging,

• Parents do not have time to weigh their options.

How to choose an overseas nanny?

We check, interview and assess all overseas candidates at our London office. This gives families confidence in getting a good nanny. We also help our clients with in-person and virtual interviews to familiarise them with their personality and ability. This has proven to be a much better solution than waiting for a reliable local nanny.

We work with corporate clients to provide childcare solutions for their employees. It helps boost employee performance knowing that their children are in good hands.

What to expect from an overseas nanny?

• Take care of standard duties, such as bathing, dressing and feeding your child.

• Organise your child’s belongings, such as clothes and toys.

• Schedule play dates and attend social events to take care of your child’s social development.

• Educate your child through play to make learning fun.

• A full-time and live-in nanny will babysit several nights a week (except weekends, unless specially requested).

• Drive your child to a nursery, school or private tutor at the correct times.

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