Swiss Nannies

Switzerland has always been an attractive destination for tourists, travellers and career professionals. For those living in Switzerland for work purposes, finding a nanny who can fit into family life can be a challenge.


Hiring a nanny in Switzerland


There are two major considerations, over and above finding just the right person for your baby or young child! The first is language and the second is cost and deductions. A Swiss nanny job is highly attractive – there will be many competitors for every role, but finding an experienced nanny who can rise to the challenge of a multilingual country requires more than enthusiasm. That’s why our London Nanny Agency has a dedicated domestic staff consultant who specialises in overseas placement of every long term nanny. This means our high profile nanny agency has wide experience of identifying the key ingredients for a successful nanny in each situation.


A Swiss full time nanny is subject to a range of contributions. Whether a nanny in Switzerland is live-in or live-out, if she earns more than a threshold of 21,150 Swiss Francs per year, then her employer must pay:


  • Social/pension contributions (AHV/AVS)
  • Accident Insurance
  • Taxes (dependent on work permit, this may be either paid directly by the nanny or may require the family to make tax deductions at source)


Employing a nanny in Switzerland


If your nanny is not Swiss, she will need a work permit. These come in a variety of forms and will determine whether she pays tax directly or you, as her employer, need to make deductions. There is also a minimum salary payment for domestic staff in Switzerland, which is based on qualifications and experience as well as hours worked – in Zurich the standard working week for a nanny is 43 hours, but this varies from canton to canton. Our London nanny agency will be able to assist with all forms for you.


Swiss nannies – culture and challenges


An overseas nanny is exposed to many challenges as well as opportunities. For Swiss nannies, these may be the same things! As an example, skiing is often touted as a fantastic benefit of working as a nanny in Switzerland, but for an English nanny overseas it can be a shock to the system to work in a place where skiing is not a holiday activity but a part of daily life for much of the year. Swiss nannies ski, and that’s all there is to it.


In addition, Switzerland has three main languages; French, German and Italian and a fourth non-official language, Rumantsch. This means that in any working day, a full time nanny may need to understand, if not speak at least a second language and maybe a third. In addition, children in her care, if of school age, might come home speaking any of four languages! Whilst a multilingual nanny will take all this in her stride, it’s still an important consideration for those planning to find the perfect live in Nanny. Prioritising the chosen languages of the family is important, but a highly experienced nanny will also be able to help children and family members find their feet in the often complicated world of a busy trilingual country with diverse customs and an intensely multicultural society. 20% of the Swiss population are non-naturalised citizens, meaning that a massive influx of people from around the world makes Switzerland, and Zurich and Geneva in particular exciting places to raise a child.


Finally, building a social life in Switzerland is vital to getting the best out of this wonderful country -our London Nanny Agency works closely with our Surrey Nanny Agency to identify the best candidates to shortlist, because poised, outgoing and highly qualified nannies have fulfilled, rewarding lives, they fit comfortably into the Swiss lifestyle and bring social confidence and emotional maturity to the children they look after.


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