Taking nanny on holiday

Many of the families we work with at Top Notch Nannies love taking their nanny on holiday. Others view holidays as a chance to have uninterrupted family time and give their nanny a break while they’re taking a break themselves. So what are the pros and cons of taking your nanny on holiday?


Having your nanny with you while travelling, especially air travel which can be stressful, is often a boon because:


  • They already know your children and their likely behaviours
  • They will be on hand during any delays in travel – which is a wonderful chance for everybody to get a bit of a break from childcare and just chill
  • You have developed habits of working together that can continue through the holiday.


On the other hand, taking your regular nanny on holiday can create unexpected friction:


  • Holidays can mean different things to different people – while you are keen to hike through the countryside, your nanny may think holidays are about lounging by the pool – or vice versa. That can lead to misunderstandings and misery.
  • Time off can be a battleground – most families give their nanny at least two complete days off, expect (paid) babysitting for several nights and give nanny a couple of nights off. But that can be difficult to stick to, especially if one of the children is unhappy or unwell and you have to ask her to do more than expected.
  • Taking nanny on holiday doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a holiday to herself at some other time. Your family holiday may not be her idea of fun at all and she deserves a break so don’t assume this trip is ‘her’ holiday.


Consider a temporary nanny for your holiday

We’ve also seen great results when people have chosen to have a temp nanny to go on holiday with them so their full-time nanny can have a break too. This approach has several advantages:


You get to meet your temporary nanny before you leave, rather than having to rely on an anonymous and sometimes unprofessional ‘babysitting service’ when you reach your destination.

Travelling together gives you a chance to build a relationship and learn each other’s ways.

You can relax and go out in the evening, knowing your little ones are in the care of somebody you can trust and with whom they’ve already built rapport.

Should anything go wrong, you know your experienced temporary nanny has the skills necessary to make the right decisions and take the right action.

Your precious children deserve the best, of course, but so do you. Holidays can become a battleground rather than an oasis, but with careful planning and forethought you can make your family time into a truly pleasurable experience, where both you and your children get to relax and have fun, the Top Notch way.




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