Who needs a maternity nurse?

A maternity nurse helps a family adjust to the most exciting and often stressful period they will ever experience. There’s a lot of pressure to ‘get it right’ and if a new mum has had a challenging birth experience, or is struggling with breastfeeding, or has a baby with jaundice or even can’t quite get the balance between her new arrival and other family members a maternity nurse can be completely invaluable.

While almost every family could benefit from a maternity nurse, there are some situations where the help of an experienced maternity nurse is almost irreplaceable:

Mums with big/demanding families – a big family can be a boon when you have a new baby, but it can also be exhausting and hard to balance.

If you have to work out how to divide your time between several children or if your extended family lives nearby or even with you, a maternity nurse can be a great aid to helping you work out exactly how to apportion your time and in giving you the scope and space to take a little time for yourself so you can enjoy your big family at this special time. If you already have a family member who demands a little more time than most, whether because they have specific needs or because they are at a challenging point in their lives, you know how hard it can be to offer them the support they need. A maternity nurse is sensitive to the needs of your wider family and to your own needs too.

Multiple/difficult births – twins or triplets? Premie birth? Emergency caesarian? These are circumstances that can derail the best birth plan and make the first weeks at home problematic. Fortunately a professional maternity nurse will have a wealth of experience that helps new parents adjust to surprising circumstances. Not only that, they bring confidence that you can handle whatever life is throwing at you.

Mumpreneurs – running your own business is demanding, and being a new mother as well as staying on top of your career can be exhausting. Because a maternity nurse is a specialist in newborn care, she removes any concerns that a working mum has, allowing her to enjoy her baby and find a great work/life balance.

So what is it like to have a maternity nurse?

A maternity nurse is an aid to your family, so you are able to set the tone for how she works in your home to give you the best results. She might handle feeds and wash your baby, or you might prefer that she takes the baby for several hours in the afternoon so that you can get a decent break, or even work nights so you can sleep well.

You get a great foundation – she’ll have experience of a range of childcare routines from Gina Ford to EASY Principles and everything in between. So whether you have a preferred approach to childcare or are willing to experiment with a range of ideas, your maternity nurse will be ready to help you establish great routines for you and your baby.

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